Running in Our 40s and Beyond – It Is Possible!

Within the vast reaches of differences that define the human population, there are significant dividers that aren’t taught or even consciously selected. Testosterone Enanthate Most people have heard the usual ones: there are people who like dogs or cats, and those who don’t. People who love travel, and those who stay home. A more notable one: “I love to ride horses. They’re so majestic.” The flip-side to that one is “I rode a horse once, and it bucked me off.”

One of these dividers most have seen are the runners and non-runners. Testosteronen Cypionate They’re usually easy to spot, as one usually looks like a marathoner and the other, well, doesn’t. However, there is a gray area occupied by those who used to run but don’t anymore, or wish they had started running when they were young and able, and didn’t, or the never-rans who, later in life, would like to give it a try.

Welcome to the gray area.

For those with the basic physical ability to kick it up into second gear for longer than a mile or so, running can be a very healthy, fulfilling, life-extending, and enjoyable pastime. One doesn’t have to be a marathoner with 1% body fat and six-minute miles. If simply running is the goal, then start small. Can a “walk around the block from time to time” become a 10K participant? With the right strategy and planning, it can be done. In one’s forties and feeling past all possibilities? Read on and see.

We will all admit that the “world of sports” narrows as we add on the years. buy edibles online legal Apologies for being blunt, but it’s true. As kids, skateboarding and tricks on BMX bikes and gymnastics on balance beams are walks in the park. Get into your forties, even thirties, and the drive for such pursuits wanes just a touch. We can still ride a bike. Even ride a horse. We can play softball. Things like that. Fortunately, humans only have two gears: walk, using one foot at a time, and run, with a short period of suspension between strides. Anyone can run at some level. For runners, there are second-gear speeds from a shuffle to a sprint – and all of us can claim one section of that speedometer for our own. Are we winning a 5K race? Maybe. Are others passing us? Probably. But are we out there running while others are not? Most definitely. It doesn’t matter what your speed will be. Being out there, taking laps around your house or laps around the local school track, you’re running.